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Wire fraud is often charged against defendants who are accused of other white collar crimes. A general offense that covers any crime that involves the use of a wire transmission service, wire fraud charges are common in Ponzi scheme, bank fraud, credit card theft, identity theft, telephone scam, and cyber crime cases. Federal law specifically prohibits the use of wire transmission for the purpose of taking someone else’s money or property by making fraudulent statements, misrepresentations, or false promises. Wire fraud schemes range from simple misrepresentations made by an individual actor to large networks of people who play a role in advancing the objective of a sole fraudster or criminal organization. Sometimes, people may be recruited to unknowingly participate in a fraudulent scheme and ultimately be accused of wire fraud, depending on the role they played. Florida wire fraud defense lawyers are available to help people who have been wrongfully accused of participating in wire fraud schemes.

Arrested on a federal charge?

Speak with an attorney immediately. Don’t say anything that might incriminate yourself.

How federal wire fraud is prosecuted

The U.S. Attorneys Office prosecutes wire fraud cases under federal law. Therefore, people who have been accused of wire fraud must appear in federal court. Prosecutors usually file charges for wire fraud in addition to other crimes. They are able to combine charges because most white collar crimes involve wire transmission at some stage. For prosecutors, adding a wire fraud charge means increasing the amount of time a defendant may spend in prison and/or the amount in fines he or she may be required to pay.

How the federal government obtains a conviction for wire fraud

In establishing a case against a defendant for wire fraud, the federal government must prove three elements:

  • knowledge;
  • intent;
  • misrepresentation or fraudulent statement;
  • use of wire transmission.

Because knowledge and intent are required elements in proving a person committed wire fraud, people who unintentionally play a roe in advancing a scheme that involves wire fraud fall short of the requirements for conviction. Those who may be acquitted due to lack of knowledge or intent often include employees who work for organizations that are implicated in wire fraud investigations, people who may have attempted to sell a product or service but were unable to deliver the product due to a legitimate reason, and those who may have attempted to sell a product or service, but made an innocent or immaterial mistake or omission that was not intended to defraud anyone. A West Palm Beach wire fraud defense lawyer can help individuals who have been wrongfully accused of wire fraud establish their case and prove their lack of knowledge and intent to commit a criminal act.

Building a powerful defense against a wire fraud charge

Federal wire fraud cases are prosecuted by seasoned prosecutors. Therefore, people who are accused of federal wire fraud require the help of a highly-qualified attorney who has an impeccable track record along with the time, dedication, professional relationships, and resources to go toe to toe with the best opposing attorneys in a federal court of law. A qualified wire fraud defense lawyer will thoroughly examine the accused party’s case to determine the best way to proceed in building an effective defense. The attorney may interview potential witnesses who may testify in the defendant’s favor in addition to gathering evidence to make it more difficult for the prosecution to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

How a West Palm Beach wire fraud defense lawyer can help

People who are accused of wire fraud should contact an attorney prior to speaking to law enforcement. Most who have never had experience with being involved in a criminal investigation immediately feel prompted to speak to the police to clear their name. However, people often make statements that may be used by federal prosecutors against the individual to obtain a conviction in court. Having an attorney present during all communication with the federal government can serve many beneficial purposes:

  • making the client feel more at ease while being questioning by a federal agent;
  • helping the client avoid self-incrimination;
  • protecting the client’s constitutional rights;
  • supporting the client in navigating the legal system by providing real-time advice and guidance as the situation evolves.

Contacting a Florida wire fraud defense lawyer

The benefits of hiring a Florida wire fraud defense attorney greatly outnumber the disadvantages. The average person lacks the legal knowledge, training, certification, and experience to face some of the most experienced lawyers and judges in the United States in a high-stakes federal case. Contacting a qualified lawyer is easy; simply call the law office, and a courteous staff member will conduct a free, confidential case evaluation to determine the facts. Next, an attorney will follow up and provide more information about how the legal process works in addition to explaining legal options the accused individual may have in responding to a wire fraud investigation or, if formal charges have been filed, a federal wire fraud charge. No one should opt to face a federal criminal charge alone. Our legal team is equipped to provide compassionate, competent, and dedicated support to individuals who find themselves accused of a serious federal white collar crime.