Federal Sex Offense Defense Attorney

Sex crime charges in the state of Florida carry some of the most severe penalties in the United States, but those punishments pale in comparison to sex crime charges associated with federal offenses. Certain types of sex crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government, and, if charged, you’ll need an experienced federal sex crime defense attorney on your side to guide you through the complicated legal process.

Arrested on a federal charge?

Speak with an attorney immediately. Don’t say anything that might incriminate yourself.

State charges

A significant number of sex offenses are tried at the state level. They can include sexual assault, sexual battery, lewdness and indecent exposure. The majority of these crimes are considered felonies and carry tough sentences that range from five years to life in prison. Those who are convicted also are ordered to pay fines and register as sex offenders in Florida for at least 25 years.

Federal offenses

Sex crimes involving children or the crossing of state lines are prosecuted at the federal level. These crimes are outlined the U.S. Code and involve obscenity, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation of children and transportation for illegal sex acts. Examples of federal sex offenses include:

Mandatory sentencing

Leniency is seldom shown in federal sex crime cases. Sentences often range from five to 30 years, and repeat offenders could serve double the prison term of a first-time offender. In addition to spending years in prison and paying steep fines, anyone convicted of a federal sex crime will be listed in the national sex offender registry.

When facing a federal sex offense charge, you could be under investigation by the FBI or CIA. Under such high-level scrutiny, you cannot afford to face the charge without hiring a Florida defense lawyer who is familiar with the workings of federal prosecutors and thoroughly understands the laws pertaining to your case. Contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Ohle Law P.A. today.