What's the process for registering as a sex offender in West Palm Beach?

What’s the Process for Registering as a Sex Offender?

Friday, June 30, 2017

All persons who meets the criteria for a sex offender, who also temporarily or permanently resides in West Palm Beach or elsewhere in Florida, will be informed by the Department of Corrections that they must follow the registration process. Convictions for a sex offender include being found guilty by results of a trial or an entry of a guilty plea or "nolo contendere." These convictions also apply to trials from federal or military tribunal courts-martial from the Armed Forces of the United States.

Even those who were not incarcerated in a federal prison, local detention facility or private correctional facility must abide by the same sex offender registration process. This includes parties who were convicted of guilt and required to pay a fine, were put on probation or parole, or completed community control.

But before registering, there are certain residency restrictions for this group to be aware of, including:

  • child-care facilities
  • parks
  • playgrounds
  • schools

People who received a guilty verdict of a sex crime in another jurisdiction on or after October 1, 1993 must make sure that the Department of Corrections is aware of their new temporary, transient or permanent new residence if/when moving to Florida.

The Process by Circuit Court

In the first 48 hours after the court identifies a sexual predator, a copy of the court's written sexual predator findings will be submitted. For imprisonment or supervision, the Department of Corrections must receive a copy by the clerk of the circuit court.

For sexual predators who are not sentenced to a local detention facility or federal prison, the guilty party's fingerprints must be taken and submitted to the department within 48 hours. A certified copy of the fingerprints will be labeled "Sexual Predator Registration."

The process by sheriff's office

A person found guilty in a court as a sexual predator, and released, must provide the following information to a local sheriff's office:

  • name
  • Social Security number
  • age and date of birth
  • race
  • gender
  • height
  • weight
  • identifiable marks (ex. tattoos, scars, burns)
  • hair color
  • eye color
  • recent photograph
  • full temporary or permanent address (post office boxes also required but must not be a substitute for giving a physical address)
  • transient residence, including city and state
  • any information about temporary moves, permanent relocations
  • electronic mailing addresses
  • home and mobile telephone numbers
  • employer's name and location
  • car identification (make, model, license plate number, vehicle identification number (VIN), color
  • date and place of each conviction
  • details of each conviction
  • immigration status (if applicable)

These details are required on top of fingerprints and palm prints.

Removal of the Requirement to Register

In the event that the person originally convicted as a sex offender no longer meets the criteria for registration under Florida law, that person must submit a certified copy of the court's removal requirement to the Department of Law Enforcement. Public access from previous criminal charges may still be available in a public registry though. However, public registry of sexual offenders and sexual predators linked to this person will be removed.

If ordered to do so by West Palm Beach courts, you MUST register. Failure to register as a sex offender is a crime, and new charges likely will be brought against you. Always seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney skilled in sex crimes, as he or she can properly guide you through the registration process.